Building Leadership Team

Professional Learning Community (PLC)

Koch's Professional Learning Community Team

Professional Learning Community is an ongoing process used to establish a schoolwide culture that is based on a fundamental belief in building teacher leadership in school improvement efforts. Through participation in PLCs, teachers enhance their leadership capacity as they work as members of ongoing, high-performing, collaborative teams that focus on improving student learning. Here at Koch school, our focus will continue to be improving our students lives. 

PLC team members are: 

KG - Ms. T. Coleman

1st grade - Mrs. V. Kishna

2nd grade - Mr. D. Thompson

3rd grade - Mrs. S. Hecht

4th grade - Mrs. T. Kindle

5th grade - Ms. R. Wilson

SSD - Ms. E. Martinez

Counselor - Mrs. K. Worsham

Principal - Ms. S. Small

District PLC Rep - Ms. R. Coleman